You didn’t deserve!

You didn’t deserve…

You didn’t deserve that attention I gave;you were just attracted to a girl so brave.

You didn’t deserve the time I gave you more than anyone else;you were just passing your time making a mess.

You didn’t deserve my thoughts for you day and night;you were already planning with someone else.

You didn’t deserve the bond of friendship I was in with you;you just said dialogues of friends forever,that’s never true.

You didn’t deserve my “yes” for all what you wished;you just wanted to enjoy moments as and when you wished.

You didn’t deserve the priority in my life;you made me just an option for long in your life.

You didn’t deserve my acceptance all from the beginning;you just wanted to play with my feelings.

You didn’t deserve that ‘Me’ I’ve been with you;you just searched for the fun and pleasure in lieu.

You didn’t deserve my respect;you always insulted my emotions, that’s the fact.

You didn’t deserve my untold feelings behind my anger I showed;you only complained of why I bursted and the words that flowed.

You didn’t deserve my selfless behaviour and care;you only knew selfishness my dear!

You didn’t deserve my emotions and tears;you were just showing off all without any fear.

You didn’t deserve my innocence and love;you were too clever a person to earn a stupid heart.

You didn’t deserve Me at all;you deserve a person just like you, that’s so sure.

Me and my love is far too precious and valuable;it was never meant for you at all.

As you gave me pain, you will feel the same.

You didn’t deserve me at all.

A shout out to all those with heartbreaks there!!!

Just let them go.They hurted you and left you because they can’t take the burden of your immense, selfless friendship and love.They don’t deserve your anything at all.They don’t deserve you and so it’s destined in a way to go away.They came to teach you to find the right person for your true love.They just deserve the one like them.

Never rush for anything anymore;good things to good people comes little slower.Have patience and you will live a life like no one else!

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