The dark glows!

“Hey,can we be friends?”I asked.

The first day in my new school that was!

She mocked, “let’s see,but you look so dark!”

Dark?Confused I was.Dat’s not what I asked!

It was just a decade of my life.

I could’nt imagine,why it’s damn hard to thrive?

I’m single.I work.I earn.I live my independent life.

That’s  the second decade of my life.

They didn’t say, “you are dark. ”

They welcomed me with such a warm heart.

I’m dark.Doesn’t matters.I work hard is what matters.

But yeah,it’s time now, to face the real war.

My parents say, “Alone,you can’t go so far!”

Searching for the one who would love you like no one.

Happy within,just to imagine.

But,Alas!I’m dark.

Rejections,mocks and laughs haven’t left the scene!

Fair, pretty girls might have options so many.

But heartbreaks,they faced many;blessed that I haven’t yet any.

Was lost in my deep thoughts too many!

“I’m so fortunate,the pretty soul isn’t engaged yet.”A voice came from back.

“Will you marry me?” he said.My life is all set! ”

In our country, most of the dark girls think,they have a darker aspect of life!I just want to convey that,girls should not be judged on the basis of their complexion.Accept them for “who they are”.In all girls,be fair or dark,look for their “Goodness and Strength” they wear.

All girls are pretty.Black beauties and  White beauties they are!They all are God’s grace!

Time says it all!

When you said me, “I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I asked, “What is Love for you?”

“Love is the happiness and grief I share with you,that moment I chase to be with you”

You uttered,”The best thing ever happened to me is you.”

I said, “Hold on,go slow!Let the time flow,and then I’ll know.”

Time flies,words lies,trust dies.

I asked, “What’s wrong with you now?”

You sighed,”I’m sorry.I can’t love you anymore!”

I’m shocked, “Did you just say that to me?But, I wonder how?”

Time said,”mere ‘attraction’.Is it love?Not at all.”

Unfair enough to break her heart!Its when,in love,she fall!

Hues of life

Life is good,life is bad,life itself can make u mad;

But hold on tight,don’t let go,because you yourself have got to grow.
If the time is right,your timing will be perfect;

Having the time of your life,will always be worthed.

To the world,the morning begins with the golden hue;
Starts the journey without any clue.
The speed of its growth,all wonders,which made its due;
Turnings,troubles,difficulties are not so few.

There are times in our lives,filled with sadness and strife;
Falling down on the path of life,looking for that one ray of light.
When one falls down,the other stands their ground;
Giving out a helping hand,so that both may stand.

One day we see the light of love,shining through from the clouds above;
It lights our way to the one,whose grace is as bright as the sun.
We often wonder,where hapiness starts;
The journey actually begins in our individual hearts.

The second we are born is the second we begin to die.
As a child,we live life and don’t worry why;
As we grow,it gets tougher and we don’t want to try.
Like everything else,it will end and have to say goodbye.

Life and death,without one there cannot be other.
For some it’s short,but they live it like no other;
For most it’s long,and to be happy,they don’t even bother.
Life cannot be lived,without the love of others.

There are things that makes us sad,but also the things that make us glad.
Many troubles have passed away,but also many blessings comes each day.
God’s beauty and presence,believe if you can;
Because,for all,he has got a very special plan!

She is a Girl!

A gift from heaven to cherish and love – a precious pearl;

A heart filled with dreams from up above – a sweet little girl.

She plays inside her mother’s womb;excited to see the world of sun and moon.

But oh little girl! It’s doom and gloom;the world outside won’t let you bloom.

Fortunate is she, the first time who cried;

Thank God! She is spared from gender based foeticide.

Hold on dear, this is just the beginning;

Bed of thorns is all around, you haven’t even started creeping.

She grows up now with dreams to fly;

She will play, she will laugh, she will study to reach for the sky.

But they take her dreams, twist it around;

Shattering her desires upon the ground.

No one else! But her parents are supposed to love from the core of their heart;

She is their burden, when she heard, no more words, she fall apart.

She couldn’t pursue her dreams, coz she is married to him;

He hits her, he bruises her, but she could only cry and scream.

Even if her dreams pursued, even if she lives her life;

She is still struggling with all the troubles, briefs and strife.

She is being judged for what she does and where she goes;

O God! Those people are just so screwed, I wish their conscience grows.

Molestation, acid attacks, sexual abuse and gang raped is not her choice;

How long girl?The beasts won’t stop, raise your voice.

Now that you know, it’s all your own battle, no one else will settle;

Fight it back, give them lesson, only then if your pain lessen.

Be it her dignity, or gaiety, her modesty or fancy;

Let her live blissfully, being spared from their insanity.

Let her be one of a kind, let her spread her wings, fly high in the sky.

Let her be the girl who shines, she will be the star of everyone’s eye!

Who am I?

Hello Readers,

Myself, a young girl born in a middle class family in the 90’s era.Right now, I’m pursuing my MBBS course, and very soon going to be a very responsible person in the society. It was one of my dream from my childhood to pursue it as my career for myself, my family and my society.More than my dream it was my dad’s dream.So I thought of getting into it by hook or by crook.Nothing much,just hard work and hard work.By God’s grace and showers of blessings,I am able to grab it finally!I hope to do as much as possible to justify my position.

Beside this,I have another world.The world of culture is my favorite all time!I am a trained Kathak dancer, also pursued singing and painting classes till visharad as well. It was possible only with my parent’s support – physically,mentally and financially. I love dancing more than my other hobbies.I’ve also been one of the well known dancer in my school,college and in the town.But pursuing it as my career couldnot be possible.

I wasn’t a girl to fit into just one or two boxes!! I tried to take bits from every box possible,during my school days. Among them,joining the National Service Scheme,getting the opportunity to attend one of the National Holistic Camp as well as National level Camp for the National Cadet Corps(NCC) were great experiences.

Writing is simply one of my hobby. Never thought too big with it.I’m not even damn good with the rich English vocabularies,neither can I use much idioms and phrases!Still,when I’m able to find space for myself,I love writing,in the most simplest version I can!

And finally here is my blog,to reach out to the readers with the “Life experiences- sweet or bitter”,specially for those of my generation, the adolescent and young people to acquaint them with the happenings in life, about the changes and struggles that can be overcomed.I’ve gathered experiences from my own life, my close friends, my batch mates and my surroundings and learned a lot from life,and yet to learn bigger things, as I haven’t even spent half of my life! I will be writing life relatable short stories for you. I hope I will be able to reach out to those girls and boys – the present and future generations!

My first ever short story ” I’m afraid of Sundays! ” is published.It’s based basically on the bitter truth of a girl’s life,even during her childhood-the most relaxed period of life, as said to be.

I hope, I’ll be able to reach out as many as possible!

I’m afraid of Sundays!

“Mom,please let’s not go tomorow! ”

“Why dear?” Don’t you like dancing and painting?

I had no reply for it, because they are my favourite hobbies.

“Ok then! ” I sighed.

Another Sunday it is! Early morning 8am, daddy drops me and my brother for painting class.It’s our painting teacher’s home.He stays there with his wife and 2 childrens of our age.

We go and sit in a corner on the floor laid with carpet. Many students of different age groups come and join us.We are given a task to complete and we do that.

Till here all goes alright always. But the moment he comes and sits beside us to teach us, my heart starts skipping beats! I just pray to God,’let this time pass away soon!’

He calls me first from the corner and asks me to sit beside him.With stone in my heart ,I go and sit, I get my work checked.He makes me sit beside him till the class gets over, and others with their turn, comes and goes back to their own places.Sometimes I make some excuse and go and sit beside my brother.

My teacher praises my work everyday. I use to feel very happy with that until the day I grew up to understand his intentions.His pats, his long hands resting over my back, his cuddles, I always granted as love and appreciation from a dad like teacher.

After my painting class was my dance class in schedule. For this I go to town with my mom,making a journey of half an hour.That time auto or jeep were the available vehicles for transport.

I always choosed to go inside first and sit near the window.Whenever I missed I always faced some weird things again.Some unknown people trying hard to reach out and touch differently in different places, taking all measures to not make it noticeable. Not even my mom came to know this things happening.Thankfully,everytime I start feeling uncomfortable and scared,by that time I almost reach my home.It never reached to its extreme.And I was dumb little girl who kept on wondering, “What’s this?” The first day this happened, I was a fifth standard student,the age and childhood days, people say to be the best. That day I couldnot concentrate on my dance class,in fact that thing haunted me for the rest of the days till I completed my dance course at the age of 16.

This classes went on and on till I reached my 10th standard.My painting classes were left for a month.By then for some reason he was not able to continue his classes at his home.I was so happy listening to this. But not for long this happiness lasted!

Because he was the best painting teacher of the locality and because I have to appear my final painting exams within a month, my daddy convinced him to come and teach me for this month at our residence itself.

This is fine!I thought.After all it’s my home, mom and dad will be around.But here, me and my brother sat together,but with some ideas my teacher always makes me sit beside him,while my brother by my side.Alas!! his unwanted touches continued. I try to resist with my uncomfortable moves. But it got no effect! In fact to pass the copy to my brother, he use to extend his hand to him in such a way,at that level,touching me in a way, that I always make a move backward as much as I could!! But his hands followed my direction.At that time I feel like smacking his hand and pushing him away and run to my Mom.

This happens at the moment my mom could not stay around us for her household chores. But without having any idea regarding this, in spite of her works she used to sit in the room talking about our works with the teacher.He grabs the chance in her absence everytime.

And finally the last day, where I painted a still life in a canvas.Unfortunately my brother was not there that day because of his cricket coaching class at the same time.It was still going alright because my mom was around.The moment she left the room and was talking to a neighbour, he got the better opportunity. He kept the canvas at a distance on a table. He came near me and kept his hands once on my shoulders hanging it down from there and sometimes both his hands around my shoulders.I was just holding my breathe thinking he is my teacher.That time we were not being said and taught about such moves and acts.I had no idea regarding what’s going on again.

At last he made me sit on the couch, he sat beside me. He kissed me on my cheeks. I accepted with a stone heart,saying within ,”It’s ok,he is my dad like teacher.”

The next moment he asked me to kiss him. It was a bolt from the blue for me!! “Why the hell should I kiss him?” I screamed inside.This time I really felt like screaming out loud,”Mom,please do come and slap this man!!” I felt something very wrong happening.I felt like throwing him out of our house and expose his dirty mind admist all in the locality.But all this were just going on in mind that moment.I haven’t seen and known any such cases yet! I thought, maybe I ‘m wrong.Still I gathered strength and said ‘No’ to him. I gathered the courage to say him, “I will go and call my mom now! “.

He stopped me just that moment saying, “Please don’t call your Mom. Please don’t say anything to her about this. ” He was begging me like anything and asked to promise to not say anything about it to anyone ever.He stood up,stepping towards the door bidding goodbye and wishing the best for my exams.I felt a sigh of relief! I don’t have to bear him anymore. I did not reply anything and my Mom reached the room by then.

I could not say anything to her that time because I did not understand what to say and how to say. Was it my fault or why did that happen? Whether this is natural?If this happens with all? I did not have answer to any of this for a long time.I did not know it’s so common for all girls in our country! I never knew that girls face even more worser and the worst than just that!

When I grew up, after around 2 years,I could understand it all.Unwanted touch,looks,words to a girl and broadly ‘sexual assault’ is a crime.Only then, I said all to my mom. She got damn angry and felt helpless at that time. But warned me to not tolerate such things ever in my life. Asked me to scream out,take help from anyone and to say it out loud to the one beside. “Stop it and raise your voice”, she said.